An Overdue Vacation

You may have thought from all my ramblings in this Publisher's Notes section that I take a lot of vacations. I don't, really. Most of my travel is either for business or to support (in some fashion) another member of my family. Real vacations are something that, for me, are few and far between.

In fact, the last real vacation I can remember was about a decade ago when my wife and I took off for Acapulco. That was an adventure for us, as we had never been to that destination together.

Right now we are reaching the end of another (long overdue) vacation. This one is also an adventure for usówe've planned it for over a year. This is our first trip to the Caribbean, specifically to St. Maarten. The stay has been awesome and very (very) relaxing.

We'll be winging home tomorrow, however, with memories to last until the next time we are able to get away on a real vacation.


ExcelTips (ribbon) for 13 September 2014

Time formulas
Checking for Data Entry Errors for Times

When you enter a time value into Excel, the program tries its hardest to make the value into a valid time. This can lead to some erroneous results, as described in this tip.

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(Thanks to Steve Aprahamian, Guy Goodwin, Craig Korfanta, Erik Oberg, Bob Beechey, Elizabeth Willisson, Fred van der Meulen, and Bill Campbell for contributing to this tip.)

Cell formatting
Using Strikethrough Formatting

Need a line through the middle of your text? Use strikethrough formatting, which is easy to apply using the Format Cells dialog box.

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Dare to Create Professional Excel Dashboards?

You will never be taken seriously by your boss and decision-makers until you figure out how to present the right data, in the right way. If you don't develop Excel dashboards skills on your own, you don't get it, because these things are not taught in school. If you want an insider shortcut to getting started with dashboards and boosting your data presentation skills, then take advantage of opportunities and download this FREE Excel dashboards guide.

Error Opening Second Workbook

If you try to open a second workbook and you see an error message, it could be because of the way you are opening the workbook. This tip explains what the problem is and how you can overcome it.

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Protecting worksheets
Using a Protected Worksheet

If you have a worksheet protected, it may not be immediately evident that it really is protected. This tip explains some of the tell-tale signs you can use to determine if protection is in play.

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Adding a Calendar to a Worksheet

Is there a simple way of inserting a standard calendar into a spreadsheet so that dates can be easily selected?
—Bruce Dutton (provide an answer for this Help Wanted question)

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