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Now that Autumn is here, the kids are back in school, and things are starting to settle down, why not share information about ExcelTips with a friend or coworker? After all, Autumn often means new tasks and new responsibilities or new homework, if you are a student. Might Excel (and ExcelTips) be helpful to that friend or coworker?

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ExcelTips (ribbon) for 3 October 2015

Easily Dividing Values by 1000

Sometimes the data in a worksheet isn't in the exact format desired. If you want to dividie your values by 1,000, there are a couple of ways you can approach the task, as described in this tip.

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Macros extend Excel
Reversing Names In Place

Do you want a way to reverse names within a cell, making them "last, first" instead of "first last?" Here's a handy macro that can take care of the switch for you.

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Supercharge Your Formatting

Want to change how your data looks based on criteria that you determine? It's easy to do using Excel's powerful conditional formatting features. Picture how you want your data to appear, then use conditional formatting to make it happen. Unleash the power of conditional formatting today.

Customizing Excel
Turning Off Paste Options

Paste some information into a worksheet and Excel helpfully displays some options related t the paste operation. If you don't want to see those options, here's how to turn the feature off.

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Macros extend Excel
Selecting a Range of Cells Relative to the Current Cell

When processing information in a macro, you often need to select different cells relative to the currently selected cells. It's easy to do once you know how to use offsets in your macro statements.

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Help Wanted

This section is for those having problems making Excel behave. If Excel is giving you fits, feel free to submit your own Help Wanted question.

If you have a solution for the problems below, click the link after the problem to send us your answer. (All responses become the sole property of Sharon Parq Associates, Inc., and can be used in any way deemed appropriate.) If your response is used in a future issue, you will be credited for your contribution to the answer.

Printing Formatted Comments

I already know how to print comments in Excel but I can't find any information about print formatted comments. I've formatted the comments to be bold, to have colors, etc., but those formats don't show when printing.
—Hannah Davis (provide an answer for this Help Wanted question)

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