Back Home Again

I just got back yesterday from a semi-annual conference I attend. The meetings went well, and it was good to see many of the other attendees again. I came away from the meetings with a few ideas I'll be trying out in my business, which is always a good thing.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter this week and the tips it contains.


ExcelTips (ribbon) for 18 October 2014

Placing a Picture in a Comment

When editing a worksheet, you can place comments that are associated with individual cells. If you want, you can format a comment to use a picture as a background. Here's how to make that change.

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(Thanks to Steve Aprahamian, Steve Lindquist, Zulfiqar Meghani, John Hughes, Kathryn Brancato, Bob Beechey, Guy Goodwin, Supin Riansrivilai, Jacques Raubenheimer, John Vander Linden, John Lindsey, Carole Haley, Laurie-Ellen Shumaker, and David Lassalle for contributing to this tip.)

Powerful spreadsheets
Setting Print Ranges for Multiple Worksheets

Need the same print range set for different worksheets in the same workbook? It can't be done in one step manually, but you can use a macro to make the print ranges the same.

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Powerful Dashboard Creation Skills

Creating a business dashboard using Excel can be enlightening and rewarding, but also challenging and difficult. Get the inside information you need to make your dashboard a reality. Mynda Treacy's Excel Dashboards course puts powerful skills within your reach. For a limited time, Mynda is accepting new students, plus you can get a bonus from ExcelTips. Take advantage of this offer now; get the skills you need today!

Cell formatting
Highlighting Values in a Cell

There are many ways that Excel allows you to highlight information in a cell. This tip examines a way to highlight values that are entered into cells that used to contain formulas.

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Static Sizes for Comment Boxes

Adding comments to your worksheet can be helpful in documenting what the worksheet contains. If you want to make sure that your comment boxes are always the size you expect, you'll need to be careful with how you can Excel configured.

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Help Wanted

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Pasting Excel Data within Word's Page Margins

I use Excel quite a bit in conjunction with Word. I create my financial models in Excel and then paste the Excel data into a Word document before printing. Every time I paste the data, the "table" in Word extends beyond the right margin. Is there something I can do, in Excel, to ensure that the data will stay within the page margins in Word?
—Jerald Plett (provide an answer for this Help Wanted question)

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