Making It Official

This past week has been very busy around the Wyatt household. Or, to state it more correctly, around the Wyatt households. You see, we finally moved this past week, packing up most of our belongings on Tuesday and then heading off to Wyoming on Wednesday. There is still more to move (which we'll do between now and when the Utah house finally sells), but we have now officially taken up residence in Wyoming.

I hope you enjoy the tips in this week's issue of the newsletter. While you do, I'm going to go and unpack a few more boxes.


ExcelTips (ribbon) for 27 August 2016

Setting a Default for Shifting when Inserting

When you insert cells into a worksheet, Excel needs to know which direction it should shift the displaced cells. If you always want to shift the cells in a particular direction, you can skip the process of answering Excel's questions by using the macro introduced in this tip.

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(Thanks to Michael Avidan (MVP) and Dave Kerr for contributing to this tip.)

Row formatting
Setting Row Height

When you enter information into a row on a worksheet, Excel automatically adjusts the height of the row based on what you enter. If you want to override the height that Excel chooses, apply one of the techniques described in this tip.

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Printing a Worksheet List

Want a list of all the worksheets in your workbook? Here's a short, handy macro that will place all the worksheet names into a single worksheet where you can work with them.

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Generating Random Strings of Characters

If you need to generate a random sequence of characters, of a fixed length, then you'll appreciate the discussion in this tip. You'll discover both macro and non-macro ways to accomplish your goal.

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Help Wanted

This section is for those having problems making Excel behave. If Excel is giving you fits, feel free to submit your own Help Wanted question.

If you have a solution for the problems below, click the link after the problem to send us your answer. (All responses become the sole property of Sharon Parq Associates, Inc., and can be used in any way deemed appropriate.) If your response is used in a future issue, you will be credited for your contribution to the answer.

Creating Worksheets from a List of Names

I have a worksheet that has a list of names in column A. I need to create a worksheet for each name in the list and have the worksheet named according to that name. I suspect this will require a macro, but I'm not sure how to go about such a task.
—Koen Gsinghz (provide an answer for this Help Wanted question)

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