Installing the Date Picker

by Allen Wyatt
(last updated November 22, 2016)


Ed has three computers at work. One has Excel 2010 with the Date Picker tool but the other two, one with Excel 2010 and one with Excel 2013, do not have this tool available. He wonders how he can load this tool into Excel 2010 and Excel 2013.

According to reports from Microsoft, the traditional date picker tool (called MSCAL.OCX) was shipped with Office 2007, but is not included in later versions of Office. In Office 2010 they have replaced the date picker with an updated version in the Active-X library, called MSCOMCT2.OCX.

You can tell if you already have the new date picker installed by following these steps:

  1. Display the Developer tab of the ribbon.
  2. Click the Insert tool. Excel displays a palette of tools you can insert in your worksheet.
  3. In the ActiveX Controls section of the palette, click the More Controls option. (It is the very bottom-right tool.) Excel displays the More Controls dialog box.
  4. Scroll through the dialog box until you find the Microsoft Date and Time Picker tool. Select it.
  5. Click OK.

If the tool doesn't show up in the More Controls dialog box, then it has not been installed on your system. If you are using a 64-bit version of Office, then you won't be able to install the control. The reason is because MSCOMCT2.OCX works only on 32-bit systems. (In fact, none of the ActiveX controls work in 64-bit Office. When Microsoft actually comes out with versions of the controls that do work with 64-bit Office, they will likely have different names, a move sure to complicate the life of VBA programmers who rely on the controls.

If you are running a 32-bit version of Office, then you can try to copy the MSCOMCT2.OCX control from a like system and register it with Windows. (Before copying it, do a Windows search to see if the file is actually on your system. If it is, skip copying and just try to register it.)

How you register the control depends on the version of Windows you are using and whether you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of the operating system. (Don't confuse the number of bits in the operating system with the number of bits in your copy of Office; they are two different things.) A good overview of how to register the control can be found here:

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What is 7 + 8?

2017-03-21 10:09:55

Gary Lundblad

Mine was working and then all of a sudden it's dead. It won't respond when I click on it. Any ideas?

Thank you!


2017-03-20 21:09:59

nhi le

Thank you very much. I've been trying to install Mscomct2.ocx for the whole evening, going through dozens of web sites to no avail. I didn't know it doesn't work with office 64 bit. You explained it clearly and voila, I found the solution. Thank you very much.

2016-11-30 10:53:40

Gary Lundblad

Thank you Allen and Richard! I have finally been able to get the Date Picker to work, something I've tried to get for quite a while now.

One question- is there a way to change the font size of the date displayed in the tool? It is rather large. I can change the size of the box by dragging the corner, and can change the font, but I don't see an option for the actual font size.

Thank you!


2016-11-04 06:15:31

Manoj Keswani

Date Picker Alternatives For 64-Bit Office: Several "private" solutions have been posted on varoius forms. These are not official Microsoft solutions, but users of the 64-bit systems said they worked:

If you want to stay with Microsoft offerings and you are running Office 32 bit, then keep reading the article below.

Important Note: The Active-X Date Picker can be registered for Office 2010 32-bit, but it will not work on Office 2010-64-bit. Developers who use the Date Picker are advised to stay with the 32-bit version of Office 2010. There is no official replacement for the much-loved date picker in the 64-bit version of Office 2010, as shown in the following article and forum post by Microsoft:

Date Picker 2015 Fixes For Active-X Issues

No Formal Date Picker For Office 2010-64bit As Of July 2012

2016-07-11 10:21:29

D Weeks

I understand your TIPS clumn is for 2007, 2010, and 2013. I hope, though you can help with Excel 2016.

I cannot find the date picker in Excel 2016. I looked in the ActiveX More Controls drop down, but no luck.

Also, How do I determine if my Excel is 32 or 64 Bit?

2014-12-24 15:25:56

Mathys Botha

I tried everything mentioned here but with no success. I cannot use command buttons of existing Excel 2010 files running on Vista Home Premium SP2 after a Windows update was done.Prior to this I had no problems.PLEASE HELP!!!

2014-11-11 06:20:41



2014-11-03 15:16:20

Neal T. Baughman

I am able to get the floating calendar to work fine but I need other users to be able to rename the file and have the calendar function still work. If the user renames the file the calendar no longer works as it is looking for the original file name. If the original file is in the same directory it opens that file but shows the calendar on the renamed file. I am using MS Office 2013.

2014-10-29 09:14:28


Followed instructions above, running on 64 bit Windows & Office 32 bit, registered the MSCOMCT2.OCX in C:WindowsSysWOW64 but still getting 'cannot insert object' with Microsoft Date and Time Picker Control 6.0 (Sp6) keep getting. Any ideas anyone?

2014-09-26 09:51:17


I do not have the date picker option. Instead I have Calendar Control 12.0. I am able to install a calendar and it works on my machine but when others open the spreadsheet the calendar will not allow them to select a date. Any idea why?

2014-09-07 12:28:09


Where can I download MSCOMCT2.OCX? It's not on my system, (Win 8.1, 64 bit).
I need to install a calendar control. Had no problem doing so with Excel 2002!
This is nuts.

2013-09-18 05:33:25

Barry Fitzpatrick

Can any one help I have tried to insert this control into a worksheet I get an error "Cannot Insert Object".

As far as I am aware I have registered the MSCOMCT2.OCX correctly.

2013-09-17 16:18:01


be sure to exit design mode to use the date picker

2013-09-16 10:22:58

Gary Lundblad

I followed all of these instructions; however; when I click in a cell and then select a date in the date picker, the date changes in the date picker, but no date is put into the cell I was in before selecting the date. It remains blank.

What am I doing wrong? I am in 32-bit Office 2013


2013-09-16 05:24:21

Rudra Sharma

Hi can anyone tell me what is its usage? Am I using it without knowing about it?or is it something which I already know?

With Regards

2013-09-15 18:40:58

General Ledger

Microsoft, why does getting date picker have to be so difficult? Why can't you simply include it as a standard option under Data Validation?

2013-09-14 11:46:01


The 4-headed cursor shows you are still in 'Design Mode'. So right-click the mouse, and select the option 'View code'.
You should see something like this in the VBA editor window:
Private Sub MonthView21_DateClick(ByVal DateClicked As Date)

End Sub

add a line so that it looks like this:
Private Sub MonthView21_DateClick(ByVal DateClicked As Date)
activecell.value = DateClicked
End Sub

Now return to the worksheet (press [Alt][F11] ). Come out of 'Design Mode' by clicking 'Design Mode' in the top-panel Ribbon on the 'Developer' tab.

If you can't see the 'Developer' tab in the top-panel Ribbon, do this:
>Go back to the VBA Editor [Alt][F11]
>Go to Immediate Window [Ctrl][G]
>enter this line, and then press [Enter]
>Return to Excel worksheet [Alt][F11]
Come out of 'Design Mode' by clicking 'Design Mode' in the top-panel Ribbon on the 'Developer' tab.

Now, put cellpointer in any cell, then click a date on the Calendar. It will be placed into the active cell. If it shows as ####### just make the column wider to show the date.

That's it.

2013-09-14 10:07:10


I have the same question as Barry.

2013-09-14 05:26:39


I am running Office 2010 on 32-bit Vista and do have the Microsoft Date and Time Picker tool. But how does it work? I inserted it on a spreadsheet, but whenever I move my cursor over it, the cursor changes to a 4-headed arrow which only allows me to move it around. How can I use it to choose a date?

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