Scroll Wheel Doesn't Work when Editing

by Allen Wyatt
(last updated July 17, 2018)


Sarah noted that when she is typing a formula or editing an existing one, the scroll wheel on her mouse doesn't allow her to scroll through the worksheet in order to select cells. Instead, she has to use the scroll bar on the right-hand side of the worksheet. This is really annoying, as Sarah finds it easier to use the mouse's scroll wheel. She wonders if there is some setting that she is not aware of that might correct this.

There is only a single setting which controls the use of the mouse wheel. Follow these steps:

  1. Display the Excel Options dialog box. (In Excel 2007 click the Office button and then click Excel Options. In Excel 2010 display the File tab of the ribbon and then click Options.)
  2. At the left side of the dialog box, click Advanced. (See Figure 1.)
  3. Figure 1. The Advanced options of the Excel Options dialog box.

  4. In the Editing Options section, clear the check box entitled Zoom on Roll with Intellimouse.
  5. Click OK.

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What is four minus 4?

2020-08-19 04:36:29


Did absolutely nothing as I had already unchecked that option.

2020-01-02 14:35:19

Andrew Erlewein

I had something similar in Excel in Microsoft Excel 365 Proplus.

Your solution did was not listed but it was close enough to help me find my solution.

Within Excel I went to File , then Options, then Advance, then under "Editing Options" I changed "Cursor Movement" from Logical to Visual.

Now Excel is back to normal.

(see Figure 1 below)

Figure 1. 

2019-12-22 14:04:55


I had the same problem. The issue is with your PC settings, not excel.

Search - mouse - enable " scroll inactive windows when I hover over them"

Should fix the problem.

2019-04-20 14:04:46

Willy Vanhaelen

When holding down the [Ctrl] key while using the mouse wheel, the effect will be the opposite of your setting of "Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse"

Setting of the "Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse":
 - checked the mouse wheel will zoom, but scroll while holding the Ctrl key down
 - unchecked the mouse wheel will scroll, but zoom while holding down the Ctrl key

2019-04-19 01:57:27


Thank you

2018-08-02 18:48:50


Bob - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I wasted almost an hour trying to fix my scrolling issue and NOTHING was working SURE ENOUGH IT WAS THE MOUSE ITSELF. What a stupid "feature". Many thanks.

"i went thru all of the blogs on this issue and it turned out that the button on the top of the mouse was the fix. we tried selecting and unselecting the scroll lock option on the bottom nav bar in excel and going to control panel/mouse/wheel but found no options there. what finally worked was hitting the button we have on the top of the logitech mouse. it also worked by clicking the scroll bar on a dell wireless mouse.

2018-07-17 10:47:59


SOLUTION: If you wish to scroll up/down the worksheet with your mouse's scroll wheel when editing a formula, you need to be editing IN THE CELL ITSELF and not in the formula bar.

Good luck!

2018-07-17 07:46:56

Billy Thomas

if you still want to "Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse", hold the Ctrl key and then roll.

2018-03-23 18:06:23


This can happen when Freeze Pane is set while filters are active, once filters are cleared, excel is still set to freeze far below the Title row.

Check to see if Freeze Pane was set while filters were in active.
Clear Filters under Data Tab
Clear Freeze Panes under View Tab
Put cursor were freeze should begin - Reset Freeze
Then reapply filters.

2018-03-14 13:43:12


HI Joachim,

I was having the same issue - went and "forced" an update (file - account - updates)
It ran through the process and I am up and scrolling again!

Hope it works for you :)

2018-03-12 07:35:55


Alas, this solution does not work for me.

Enabling "Zoom on roll with Intellimouse" zooms the entire screen in or out. It doesn't scroll through the spreadsheet.

My problem: the scrolling wheel works fine when I'm not editing any cell.
However it doesn't work any more when editing (after pressing F2, or after editing directly in cell).
It used to work fine, before. I used to start typing something like "=sum(..." or just "=...." and then start using the scroll wheel.

Scroll lock is off.
Edit directly in cell = on.
Excel = 2016.
Zoom on roll with Intellimouse = off (did not solve the issue)

2017-05-03 00:04:58



resolved my 5 months excel facing problem

2017-04-02 01:57:49

Ajith Kumar

I have a related annoying issue for which I have been trying to find a solution for many months. I am using my touch pad for 2 finger scroll on my laptop (Acer S7) running Windows 10. The strange thin is that my 2 finger scroll doesn't work in excel. Actually what is is even more strange is that the scroll doesn't work only when the pointer is in the workbook area. Move the pointer to the ribbon area the 2 finger scroll works fine. Also in some files the scroll works fine even in the workbook area also. But most excel files it doesn't. Any idea what is going on?

2017-01-27 06:49:23


Thank you for your support

2017-01-19 08:33:51


The comment from bob 23 Aug 2016, 09:34 worked for me.

2016-11-27 02:51:19


Very very useful.... thanks lot

2016-11-08 15:23:14

Estefania Leon

Iw worked perfectly. Thx

2016-09-07 09:46:05


1. left click inside the cell you want to edit
2. left click the formula bar
3.left click inside the cell you want to edit again and then it is possible to use the scroll wheel

2016-09-07 09:34:38


The solution in simply. right-click inside the cell that that you want to edit and then you can use the scroll wheel.

2016-09-02 04:25:24



2016-08-23 09:34:58


i went thru all of the blogs on this issue and it turned out that the button on the top of the mouse was the fix. we tried selecting and unselecting the scroll lock option on the bottom nav bar in excel and going to control panel/mouse/wheel but found no options there. what finally worked was hitting the button we have on the top of the logitech mouse. it also worked by clicking the scroll bar on a dell wireless mouse.

2016-07-08 16:19:04


Great !!!!

Everything got fixed in a snap.

Thanks a lot for the tip.

2016-06-13 11:37:54


This didn't work for me, but the comment above about freezing and then unfreezing (mine wasn't frozen, but I clicked freeze, then unfreeze), worked for me.

2016-06-06 14:50:32


FYI, another cause might be the View->Freeze Panes setting. Try Unfreezing.

2016-06-01 05:42:58


Great thanks for help

2016-05-25 13:26:23

LeAnn V

Mr. T, THANK YOU! Typing 0_o in a cell worked for me.

2016-03-31 15:41:43


checking the edit directly in the cell fixed it for sure

2015-12-29 19:24:11

Steve D.

Thank you for this tip. It was helpful and prevented me from losing my mind entirely.

2015-10-29 03:25:39


It is not working with the pad of my laptop (Dell).
I am not allowing direct editing in the cell. When I clic f2, I am not able to scroll using the pad (2 fingers).

2015-08-10 10:28:18

Bill Swidal

This is messed up, but my scroll wheel was not working for either Excel NOR IE. Everywhere else it was working. Taking a tip from Maciek, I clicked down on the wheel within an Excel cell to get the navigation arrows to appear, moved the screen a little and clicked the arrows off. Suddenly the wheel worked in both Excel and IE.

2015-08-05 02:31:19


Very helpful. The option was already unchecked however I checked and unchecked again and problem is solved now.

2015-06-03 13:42:51



As indicated above for latter versions of excel i.e. after 2003. After disabling zoom and allowing direct cell editing in options. Instead of single clicking in the cell as was the case previously. Now you have to first DOUBLE-CLICK the cell in these newer excel versions. You can double click again to get out of edit or hit enter. I'm using excel 2013 and this definitely works.

Best Regards

2015-02-25 16:55:02


Perfect, thx.
I had an issue with my Microsoft 6000 wireless mouse. It would only zoom with the wheel, unless I held in the Ctrl key. I actually wanted this feature reversed. The answer was found at this site. Thx again.

2015-01-19 06:34:45


Yes it is really a problem in newest office and the solution mentioned above not works.
But you can simply double click in formulas cell (or press F2) and then mouse scroll works.

2015-01-06 07:35:54


You need to tick 'allow editing directly in cell' in advanced options.

2014-12-24 09:55:02


Having never used MS mice, I did not know one could scroll; I hold the right button down on my LT mouse and use the trackball . . .

2014-11-20 14:56:32


Part solution (Excel 2013) is to "unfreeze" panes in the VIEW tab ribbon...

Microsoft please note that you have been aware of this problem for several updates of Excel - when the blazes are you actually going to get around to permanent and proper solutions to your software?...
If I buy a new car and it develops a fault I have every right to have the problem solved on demand and free of charge... why the f*ck should Microsoft consider themselves exempt from such similar situations?

2014-11-20 01:59:50


Typical of MS - they update that which everyone is used to which screws it up!

2014-09-16 20:43:43


Like others, this suggested cure did not work for me - I am using a new HP laptop with Windows 8.1 and Excel 2013. Out of frustration, I took my old Microsoft wireless mouse (which has a scroll) and plugged the USB stick into my laptop with Excel open. Windows 8.1 recognized it as a new device and automatically installed the driver, which took about 15 seconds. The scroll feature on my old MS mouse worked in Excel! I had my new mouse still turned on with its USB stick still in, and so simply moved my hand from the old MS mouse to my new mouse, and the scroll worked on it as well. I unplugged the old MS mouse USB stick - my new mouse scroll continued to work and has continued to work ever since. I have no idea why this fixed it, but if you have a different mouse with a scroll, give it a try.

2013-07-04 14:13:59


Same problem for me. This function is highly required, as it was in Microsoft excel 2003!

2013-04-19 05:33:06

mr T

Change The Mouse..

try this 0_o'

2013-02-08 10:52:17


The same problem. The only possible solutions - press/click the mouse scroll wheel and navigate by moving the mouse. MS says, that from exlcel 2007 up, the scroll wheel only allows to navigate in the formula bar. Why so? I do not know, as after f2 you can navigate in formula bar usingthe cursor arrows.

2013-02-06 04:17:30


This dint work for me.

2013-01-09 16:07:26


The solution you suggested only works if the option "Allow editing directly in cells" is ticked.
For those like me who prefer to deselect this option, the only solution I have found (in Excel 2010) that allows me to scroll while editing the formula is to start editing by clicking the "fx" button on the left of the formula bar.

2012-12-10 14:15:57


This is not the right answer; you still can't use the scroll wheel while editing the formula. For the people looking for the answer, the best workaround I've found so far ( is to edit the formula from the cell by clicking on the cell that has the formula want to edit, then type F2. It's not the same as the old Excel 2003 behavior, but close.

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