The Closing is Coming

I've mentioned a few times over the past two weeks that I'm now accepting students for my brand new macros courses, and that the registration doors are now open.

The doors don't stay open forever, however. In fact, they will close in just a few more days, at the end of the day on Thursday (January 25). It's not too late to join a class, but you'll want to act soon, as time is running out.

By the way, if you want to see a great overview of what is in the courses, the best place is in these special videos I prepared:

As you can tell, one of the videos on this page is for the Beginning Excel Macros Master Class and the other is for the Advanced Excel Macros Master Class. The videos run through all the content in each course, highlighting what you can expect to find in each of them.

Since the course deadline is approaching, I'll send you one more reminder on Wednesday, the day before the actual "closing."

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the tips in this week's issue of the newsletter!


ExcelTips (ribbon) for 20 January 2018

Macros extend Excel
Generating a List of Macros

Got a workbook that has lots and lots of macros associated with it? Here's a way you can get a list of all of those macros into a worksheet.

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(Thanks to Jim Williams, Steve Aprahamian, Chris van Zyl, Jean-Paul Bertuol, Michael Avidan (MVP), Andrija Vrcan, Harold Druss, Marty Wilson, Reinhold Bongartz, Fred van der Meulen, Ronald Doelman, and Berend Otten for contributing to this tip.)

Creating a Sort Order

Excel is very flexible in how it can sort your data. You can even create your own custom sort order that is helpful when trying to get non-sequential information sorted in a unique order.

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Macros! Macros! Get Your Macros Here!

Learn all the best methods for creating and using Excel macros. ExcelTips: The Macros is the best single source for learning about macros or improving your existing skills. Be the person everyone looks to when something needs to happen in Excel. Get yours today!

Worksheet functions
Returning Blanks with VLOOKUP

Normally the VLOOKUP function returns a value, and if it can't return a value it returns a zero. Here's how you can use the function within a formula to be more discriminating in what is returned.

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(Thanks to Don Blaylock for contributing to this tip.)

Powerful spreadsheets
Copying Headers and Footers

Need to copy headers and footers from one worksheet to another? How about from one workbook to another? Here are some techniques you can use to make the copying easier.

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Help Wanted

This section is for those having problems making Excel behave. If Excel is giving you fits, feel free to submit your own Help Wanted question.

If you have a solution for the problems below, click the link after the problem to send us your answer. (All responses become the sole property of Sharon Parq Associates, Inc., and can be used in any way deemed appropriate.) If your response is used in a future issue, you will be credited for your contribution to the answer.

Copying and Pasting Non-Contiguous Ranges of Cells

I can create a selection set of cells, such that I have a non-contiguous range of cells selected. If I try to copy those cells (Ctrl+C), Excel informs me that "this action will not work on multiple selections." Is there a way to copy a non-contiguous range and then paste that range so that the cells are in the same relative position as in the original selection?
—Szilvia Forgo (provide an answer for this Help Wanted question)

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