Storms and Water

It's been a quiet week at the Wyatt household; nothing much to comment on or report about. We've been enjoying typically unpredictable April weather, with storms blowing through quite regularly. None are terribly burdensome, however, although we thought the one that came through early Thursday morning was going to be a doozey. (It wasn't.) Regardless, each increases the much-needed water for our area.

I hope things are going well for you in your corner of the world this week.


ExcelTips (ribbon) for 17 April 2021

Macros extend Excel
Making Sure Numbers Copy as Numbers

When you copy information from one worksheet to another using a macro, you might not get exactly what you want. This tip looks at how to make sure that your macro copies numbers as numbers, even if they start out as text.

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(Thanks to Steve Aprahamian, Patrick Sedgwick, Harold Druss, Tomek Dluzniewski, James Woolley, Bob Beechey, Wayne Edmondson, and Aldo Santolla for contributing to this tip.)

Customizing Excel
Controlling Where You Edit Cell Contents

You can edit cell information either in the Formula bar or in the cell itself. Here's how you can configure Excel to specify where you want to perform your edits.

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Time formulas
Checking for Time Input

Need to know if a cell contains a time value? Excel doesn't contain an intrinsic worksheet function to answer the question, but there are some easy ways to approach the problem.

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Canceling an Edit

When editing a cell, you may want to cancel the edit at some point. There are two ways to do this, both described in this tip.

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Fast AutoFill

Want to fill a long column with predictive data? It's easy to do by using AutoFill and a double-click of the mouse.

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Macros extend Excel
Deleting a File in a Macro

Macros give you a great deal of control over creating, finding, renaming, and deleting files. This tip focuses on this last aspect��"how to get rid of an existing file.

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Help Wanted

This section is for those having problems making Excel behave. If Excel is giving you fits, feel free to submit your own Help Wanted question.

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Making Page Breaks More Visible

Is there a way to make page breaks darker so that I can see them? I cannot tell if I am entering data that will be on a different page when printed. It is very time consuming and annoying to bring up Print Preview after I type something into each cell.
—Rod Williams (provide an answer for this Help Wanted question)

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