Manning a Booth

Today I'm off at a trade show, helping my son with a booth he has there. What does my son do? Well, this particular son is a graphic designer, and the trade show is to showcase just one portion of the work he does. This particular site shows a portion of that work:

If you like Legos and you enjoy a good laugh now and again, you'll love the site.


ExcelTips (ribbon) for 18 March 2017

Powerful spreadsheets
Increasing Row Height for Printing

You may have a need to increase the height of the rows in your worksheet to "spread out" the data when it is printed. This tip provides macros that allow you to do such spreading, along with a macro to set your row height back to normal.

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(Thanks to Steve Aptrahamian, Gerry Broyles, John Wilkinson, Allen Cody, Gunnar Larsson, Dave Teece, and Eric Sebastien for contributing to this tip.)

Using the Fill Handle from the Keyboard

The fill handle can save a huge amount of time when you are editing a worksheet. If you are really good at using the keyboard but dislike using the mouse, you may want to use the capabilities of the fill handle without removing your hands from the keyboard.

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Lookup Exactly the Data You Want

Excel's lookup functions are easily the most powerful worksheet functions you can use. Master these seven functions you'll never again view a worksheet full of data in the same way. The power these functions provide you is anything but small. Take your first step today!

Macros extend Excel
Page Numbers in VBA

When you print a larger worksheet, Excel breaks the printout across several pages. You may want to know, before you print, which page a particular cell will print on. There is no intrinsic function that delivers this information to you, but you can develop a macro that should provide just what you are looking for.

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Protecting Print Settings

Need to have your print settings always be a certain way? Tired of resetting the settings after others use the workbook or your system? Here's how you can make sure that the printer settings are always just as you want.

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Help Wanted

This section is for those having problems making Excel behave. If Excel is giving you fits, feel free to submit your own Help Wanted question.

If you have a solution for the problems below, click the link after the problem to send us your answer. (All responses become the sole property of Sharon Parq Associates, Inc., and can be used in any way deemed appropriate.) If your response is used in a future issue, you will be credited for your contribution to the answer.

Protecting Formulas in Control-Linked Cells

I have a form control (a check box) linked to cell A1. I can place a formula into cell A1 that resolves to True or False, and the check box reflects that result. However, if someone clicks on the check box to change it, the formula in cell A1 is overwritten by an explicit True or False. I need the formula in cell A1 to control the check box, but I also need the user to be able to toggle the check box without overwriting the formula. Can this be done?
—Michael Ninni (provide an answer for this Help Wanted question)

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