Transitioning to the Ribbon Interface

Although the new layout is a big change for some Excel users, the ribbon interface is actually rather user-friendly. Accessing menus is a breeze with tabs of the ribbon, since you can work with a tab constantly displayed. Learn how to adjust to the ribbon interface and find old tools in new locations with the following articles.

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   Changes in Excel's Color System
The introduction of Excel 2007 included the introduction of a lot of changes to the venerable spreadsheet program. One of those changes is in the area of colors. This tip examines those changes and what they can mean for those with older workbooks.

   Finding Excel 2007 Commands
Flummoxed by the new Excel 2007 interface? You aren't alone, but there is help. Microsoft has made available a handy Excel workbook that shows where all the old Excel 2003 commands now reside in Excel 2007.

   Upgrading Personal.xls to Excel 2007
When upgrading to Excel 2007, you may wonder how you can convert your older Personal.xls file to something that can be used with the newer program. Here's the easiest way to make the transition.

   Upgrading Your Personal Workbook
When you upgrade to Excel 2007, you may wonder if you also have to upgrade to the new format for your Personal workbook. The short answer is that yes, you should upgrade, and there should be no backward compatibility issues in doing so.

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