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There are a few formatting topics you may want to explore as you set up or finalize your worksheet in Excel. Things such as row and column size or margin positions impact the printed version of your worksheet. Use the following articles to learn what you can do to format your Excel worksheets.

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   Centering Your Worksheet
Got just a small amount of worksheet data to print out? It might look better on the printed page if you center it. Excel makes it easy, both vertically and horizontally.

   Changing Excel's Background Color
Excel does not provide a built-in way to change the background color used in a worksheet. You can, however, try a few different workarounds that may provide the desired effect.

   Copying Formats to a New Worksheet
Do you want to copy formats from one worksheet to another? You can do so easily by using the Format Painter. It even works on column widths and row heights.

   Random Width and Height Changes
Have you ever been using a workbook, only to open it one day and find that Excel has changed the height of your rows or the width of your columns? If you've run into that problem, you may be interested in the solution presented in this tip.

   Setting Page Margins
When getting ready to print your worksheet, you may want to take a moment to check what margins Excel will use on the printout. The program makes it easy to modify the margins of your printed page.

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