The Personal workbook is where Excel stores information you will be able to access later in all your workbooks. It is important to understand how to save content with the proper workbook in Excel. The following articles discuss how to save content to the Personal workbook for later use.

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   Automatically Hiding the Personal Workbook
If you leave your Personal.xlsb workbook visible from one Excel session to another, you may find that you unwittingly make changes you never intended to make. Here's some ideas on how to protect the workbook or at least stop yourself from making those unwanted changes.

   Moving Macros from the Personal Workbook
Need to move a macro out of your Personal.xlsb workbook and into a regular workbook? You can do it using familiar editing techniques, as illustrated in this tip.

   Opening Personal.xlsb
If you start up Excel and all you see is your Personal.xlsb file, then you may wonder what you are doing wrong. The answer is nothing´┐Ż"all you need to do is make sure that the file is hidden, as discussed in this tip.

   Personal Workbook Fails to Load
The Personal workbook is special; it is where you can store macros you want to use all the time in Excel. What do you do, however, if the Personal workbook doesn't automatically load when you start Excel?

   Saving Changes in the Personal Workbook
The Personal workbook is a special place used to store information and macros that you can access from all the other workbooks on which you work. If you are confused as to why Excel continually asks whether you want to save this special workbook, here are some ideas on why it may be happening.

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