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There may be a time when the basic capabilities of Excel's AutoFilter tool are not enough to accomplish the task at hand. Fortunately, you can take filtering to another level if you just instruct Excel to filter a certain way. Use the following articles to learn what you can do in Excel with advanced filtering.

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   Advanced Filtering
Many people know how to use AutoFilter, but there are times when you need some more filtering muscle. Here's how you can use Excel's advanced filtering capabilities to see only the parts of your data that you need to see.

   Extracting Targeted Records from a List
If you have a bunch of data in an Excel worksheet, you may need to work with just a subset of that data. One way to do that is to extract just the data that meets a particular criterion you specify. Excel makes this easy to do using the advanced filtering capabilities of the program.

   Filtering Columns for Unique Values
Given a long list of names, part numbers, or what-have-you, you may need to determine the unique values within the list. The advanced filtering capabilities of Excel provide a very easy way to get the desired values.

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