Please Note: This article is written for users of the following Microsoft Excel versions: 2007 and 2010. If you are using an earlier version (Excel 2003 or earlier), this tip may not work for you. For a version of this tip written specifically for earlier versions of Excel, click here: Updating Links.

Updating Links

by Allen Wyatt
(last updated September 21, 2015)


Normally, if you have linked information in your workbook, the information is updated whenever you open the workbook. There may be times when you need to update the links manually, however. You do this by following these steps:

  1. Display the Data tab of the ribbon.
  2. In the Connections group, click the Edit Links tool. Excel displays the Edit Links dialog box. (See Figure 1.)
  3. Figure 1. The Edit Links dialog box.

  4. Select the link you want to update.
  5. Click on Update Values.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for any other links you want to update.
  7. Click on Close.

ExcelTips is your source for cost-effective Microsoft Excel training. This tip (7556) applies to Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010. You can find a version of this tip for the older menu interface of Excel here: Updating Links.

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Allen Wyatt

With more than 50 non-fiction books and numerous magazine articles to his credit, Allen Wyatt is an internationally recognized author. He  is president of Sharon Parq Associates, a computer and publishing services company. ...


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What is seven less than 7?

2016-01-19 20:47:33


I'm using Excel 2010 and have a "data workbook" linked to a "timesheet workbook". To limit what is changed in the timesheets, data is inputted into the data workbook by admin and then the timesheets are updated with new information to stop anyone altering the timesheet. Somehow the link between the 2 has broken and won't update. I have tried to relink the 2 workbooks but still no luck. The data in the timesheet only seems to update to a certain point from the "data workbook". The timesheet contains filters which work in alphabetical order and only update until the letter T. Does anyone have any tips to get past this? Or at least, why it is happening? Sorry, have tried to explain it has simply as possible. Thanks, Brit

2015-12-08 06:42:04



I would like to know how can I link files quicker? Are there any tips you can give me because it is taking very long to link the files.



2015-11-09 13:46:19

Shekhar Mantry

How can the setting 'Update links on save' be disablesunchecked globally in an enterprise ?

Is there us registry setting to control this ?

2015-06-12 11:52:08

Peter Atherton


There is a page on this site that my help you - try:=

2015-06-12 02:30:16


I've made an excel-file that has many hyperlinks to word-documents. Now I've been instructed these word-documents have to be moved to several other direcrories. What's the best way to do this without having to manually adapt every single hyperlink? Is it possible to do this automaticcly?

2015-05-20 07:12:07

Graham B.

Is it possible to make excel update the links to other workbooks on a regular basis i.e. every hour?

2015-05-07 12:13:48


I have Excel 2013 and am using INDEX-MATCH to access information from another workbook and am having trouble with updates I do not want to happen.

Is there a setting where they have a pop up window upon opening and it asks you if you want to update? It seems like to previous versions of Excel had this. FILE/OPTIONS/FORMULAS/WORKBOOK CALCULATION should do it and it's not.

2013-02-05 08:10:44

Joe Marten

To stop the current version from automatically updating on opening:

Click the Office button
Click Excel Options
Click Advanced
Scroll to the General Section
Check the box that reads
"Ask to update automatic links"

2013-02-04 08:53:41

Glenn Case

To automatically update links, go to Excel Options (File/Options in 2010) select Advanced, and under "When calculating this workbook:" ensure that the "Update links to other documents" is selected.

2012-11-16 03:52:16

Lyn Birnie

In previous versions of Excel, I used to be asked "Do you want to update links?" when I opened a file

How do you stop the current version automatically updating on opening?

I always said "no" when I opened a file (File A) then opened the files that I thought File A was linked to. I then checked the status of the links in File A & if the status wasn't "file open" then I knew I had a linking error.

2012-03-04 07:46:19

John P.

I have an Excel 2007 spreadsheet that links to several other spreadsheets, but the spreadsheet does not update when you have both spreadsheets up. How can I set it so the updates are done automatically.

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