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Written by Allen Wyatt (last updated June 6, 2022)
This tip applies to Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Excel in Microsoft 365


Malcolm needs to copy a range of cells and paste them into a comment. (He doesn't need to paste the formulas in the range, just the results of the formulas.) When he tries to do this, every time he makes the comment editable, Excel undoes his selection and he cannot paste.

Historically this can be a bit of a tricky operation because of the way that Excel handles copying and pasting. One way that people have often handled it is to copy the cells from Excel and then paste them into another program, such as Notepad. You can then copy them back out of the other program and paste them into your comment. If you didn't want to use another program as an intermediary, then the only solution was to use a macro to grab what is in the range and stuff it into a comment.

A better solution, however, is to use the Office Clipboard, which is sort of like an expanded version of the Windows Clipboard. To use the Office Clipboard effectively, all you need to do is display it. Just display the Home tab of the ribbon and click the small icon at the bottom-right of the Clipboard group. The Office Clipboard is displayed at the left side of your worksheet.

Now, go ahead and select the cells you want to copy into the comment. When you press Ctrl+C to copy them, you see that they appear in the Office Clipboard pane. (See Figure 1.)

Figure 1. The Office Clipboard pane.

To paste the range into a comment, simply insert the comment where you want (or choose to edit an existing comment) and then click the range in the Office Clipboard pane. It is placed exactly where you want it—in the comment.

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What is 3 + 7?

2019-07-30 05:27:15

Harold Druss

Thanks Willy. Nice!

2019-07-29 12:36:59

Willy Vanhaelen

Excelent idea but the macro can be simplfied a bit:

Sub PasteToComment()
Dim strData As String
' copy some range values
' get the clipboard data
Dim O As New DataObject
strData = O.GetText
With ActiveCell
If .Comment Is Nothing Then .AddComment
.Comment.Text Text:=strData
End With
End Sub

You can also remove the "copy marching ants" by adding
Application.CutCopyMode = False

2019-07-28 06:48:03



Sub PasteToComment()

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Worked perfectly once I leaarned how to set a reference to Microsoft.Forms

2019-07-27 11:07:45

Harold Druss

Here is a macro that do what you want.
Make sure to set a reference to Microsoft.Forms

Sub PasteToComment()
Dim rngData As Range
Dim strData As String
Dim sActiveCell
' copy some range values
Set rngData = Sheet1.Range("C1:C31")
' get the clipboard data
' magic code for is for early binding to MSForms.DataObject
With CreateObject("New:{1C3B4210-F441-11CE-B9EA-00AA006B1A69}")
strData = .GetText
End With
sActiveCell = ActiveCell.Address
With ActiveCell
If Not .Comment Is Nothing Then
Range(sActiveCell).Comment.Text Text:=strData
Range(sActiveCell).Comment.Text Text:=strData
End If
End With
End Sub

2019-07-27 09:36:28

Peter Atherton

Tim, try this macro

Sub copy2Comment()
Dim cmt As Comment, rng As Range, _
rng2Copy As Range, c As Range
Dim txt As String, str As String, Addr As String

Set rng = Selection.Areas(1)
Set rng2Copy = Selection.Areas(2)
If Selection.Areas.Count <> 2 Then
MsgBox "Select two Areas!", vbCritical
Exit Sub
End If
Addr = rng.Address
'pgc01 - Mr Excel 5th Aug 2006
If Range(Addr).Comment Is Nothing Then
txt = Range(Addr).Comment.Text
End If
For Each c In rng2Copy
str = str & c & Chr(10)

Range(Addr).Comment.Text Text:=txt & str
Range(Addr).Comment.Shape.TextFrame.AutoSize = True
End Sub

You must select two ranges, the comment range and the range to copy in that order. The comment range can be part of the data set; and so will be selectred twice. Note, it does actally copy anythng ;- )

2019-07-26 06:11:31


So how would this be done with a macro. Paste a range (C1:C31) of textI in to the comments of the active cell.

2018-09-12 10:20:00

James Woolley

@rajendra: I don't think you can paste into an Excel comment "with format." If you pick Review > Edit Comment, then right-click within the comment, you will see only one Paste option (which is the same as Ctrl+V). I don't think you can even develop a macro to paste into an Excel comment "with format," but it's an interesting challenge.

2018-09-12 01:31:57


I have table in MS outlook email body.
This has to be pasted in Excel in comment as it is with format
Request your help

2018-09-04 13:37:59


I hadn't really used the handy Office Clipboard. Pretty slick. And it was right there all the time.

2018-09-01 10:24:37

J. Woolley

You could use the CopyValues macro I posted 2018-08-05; see

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