Configuring the Spell Checker

You may rely on Excel's spell checker as a first line of defense against spelling errors and therefore need to customize how Excel performs its checks. Fortunately, you can instruct Excel to treat certain words or phrases how you would like. Use the following articles to learn how to use the spell checker to conveniently edit your worksheets.

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   Adjusting Spell Check for Internet Addresses
When you check the spelling of worksheet data, you may want to spell checker to either ignore or check Internet addresses such as URLs and e-mail addresses. This tip shows how you can make a configuration change that will enforce your desires.

   Allowing for Words that Contain Numbers
When Excel does a spell-check of the information in a worksheet, you may want it to ignore words that contain numbers. All it takes is a simple change to the configuration options for the spell-checker.

   Setting Spell-Checking Options
The spell checker can come in handy when entering data in a worksheet. Because the type of data you enter can vary so much from worksheet to worksheet, it is good that you can configure the spell checker to either ignore or pay attention to certain items.

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