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Excel includes an area called the Quick Access Toolbar where you can save frequently used tools and shortcuts at the top of the screen. How the Quick Access Toolbar functions depends on your version of Excel, and understanding how you can customize the toolbar will make working in Excel much more convenient. Check out the following articles to learn about the Quick Access Toolbar.

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   Adding a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
The Quick Access Toolbar is a great place to put anything for which you want quick access. (Duh!) Here's how you can add your macros to the QAT so they can be run lickety-split.

   Adding a Tool to Clear Borders
Excel allows you to easily add tools to the Quick Access Toolbar. If you want to add a tool that clears all the borders in a selected range, then you might find the information in this tip helpful.

   Backing Up Quick Access Toolbars
The Quick Access Toolbar is a place where you can easily put your customizations. If you want to back up that toolbar info, you can do it easily by understanding the info in this tip.

   Enlarging Icons on the Quick Access Toolbar
Tired of squinting when you look at icons on the Quick Access toolbar? It seems there is no relief from the eye strain, short of reconfiguring how Windows displays information on your monitor.

   Transferring Ribbon Customizations
Excel allows you to make a wide range of customizations to both the Quick Access Toolbar and the ribbon. If you want to share those customizations with others, you'll appreciate the ideas in this tip.

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