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Converting a Range of URLs to Hyperlinks

by Allen Wyatt
(last updated June 8, 2018)


John has a workbook that has well over a thousand URLs in it, all in column A. These are not hyperlinks; they are straight text of individual URLs. John wants to convert the URLs to active hyperlinks, but doing the conversion individually is extremely tedious, especially for that many URLs.

As is the case with most tedium in Excel, the solution is to use a macro to do the conversion. To be effective, the macro would need to step through each cell in a selected range and, if the cell is not blank, convert the contents to a hyperlink. The following will do the trick:

Sub URL_List()
    For Each cell In Selection
        If cell.Value <> "" Then
            If Left(cell.Value, 7) = "http://" Then
                URL = cell.Value
                URL = "http://" + cell.Value
            End If
            ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=cell, _
            Address:=URL, TextToDisplay:=cell.Value
        End If
    Next cell
End Sub

The macro is not foolproof; it assumes that if a cell contains anything at all it is a valid URL. What it does is to check the cell contents and, if the contents aren't prefaced by the "http://" text, then it is added. The hyperlink is then created based on the cell contents.


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What is 3 - 3?

2016-11-07 12:04:08


Good morning -

I have a similar problem, but my reference columns contains blanks.. how would i convert that to a hyperlink.

cell text: world/

what i would like the link to look like:

2013-07-22 21:19:36


Thanks for the suggestions, but I think I've discovered a way that appears even easier than that suggested either here or on "getting rid of hyperlinks without a macro" tips.

This assumes that all cells that could contain hyperlinks do so. If some do & some don't, then skip step 1.

1. Highlight the first cell containing a hyperlink, right-click and select "remove hyperlink".
2. Still on a deactivated hyperlink, click on Home tab, double-click on Format painter icon.
3. Select each cell, group of cells, column or row you want to remove hyperlinks from in turn.
4. When you've finished, press escape to end Format painter.

2013-07-22 08:23:51



Using the search box at the upper-right of this page, enter "remove hyperlinks" (without the quote marks) and you'll find several ways to get rid of lots of hyperlinks at once.


2013-07-22 08:00:49


For something this trivial either way, the determining factor should be how often you need to do the action. If you are adding hyperlinks daily, then use the macro (saved to your Personal.xlsb). If you are only doing it once, then use the formula.

When using the formula, if you don't want the extra column, then copy it and select Paste Special -> Values. You can then delete the extra column.

2013-07-22 07:07:18


Mike - you can select a group of cells and right click and then click on Remove Hyperlinks (I've tried this in Excel 2010 and it works).
Colin / Barouh - I suppose sometimes you do not want to create extra columns in your data when a simple function/macro will solve the issue.

2013-07-22 04:36:26


As far as I can see, the same result can be received with pretty simple formula - using HYPERLINK (plus CONCATENATE and SUBSTITUTE if necessary)

2013-07-20 23:55:26


It is not necessary to build a macro to solve this problem. Excel's HYPERLINK function is designed for this very purpose and with the same logic prescribed for the macro can be used in a formula such as the following and copied to each cell in a column adjacent to the text entries:

2013-07-20 07:16:02


I've not had the need for this tip yet, but I have had the need to remove a batch of hyperlinks, particularly for email addresses. I know I can right-click on an individual cell and select "remove hyperlink", but this option is not available if you select a number of cells containing hyperlinks.

Any suggestions?

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