Incorrect Links after Sorting Hyperlinks

by Allen Wyatt
(last updated April 12, 2014)


Susan has a worksheet with cells hyperlinked to corresponding PDF documents. The hyperlinks work fine until she attempts to perform any type of sorting on the data in the worksheet. After sorting, the hyperlinks are linked to incorrect documents.

This is, apparently, a problem with Excel under some circumstances. According to Microsoft, this occurs if you copy and paste cells containing hyperlinks and then sort the pasted cells. You can find out a bit more about this problem at the following Knowledge Base page:

The problem is, the only solution noted by Microsoft is to manually correct the hyperlinks after doing the sort that created the messed-up links. In other words, there isn't a real solution.

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What is 7 - 0?

2017-04-16 08:06:19


Open Office 4.1.1 can do this sort OK. Microsoft should go figure how they can do it for free.

2016-01-29 13:55:54


I think the issue still exists in Excel 2010. I copied and pasted hundreds of hyperlinks and they are messed up after sorting the spreadsheet. :(

2015-07-17 14:08:14


My hyperlinks are in a project dashboard and are never subject to getting sorted. But they still get broken.
My links generally are to a specific project folder or document on the server that never move.

2015-06-05 06:36:08


I use Hyperlinks from one cell to another in the same file. If I sort the date, the hyperlinks are all messed up. Is there a workaround?

2015-04-08 09:32:13


Put the time into to create each hyperlink individually (do not copy a hyperlink) and it will sort fine!

2014-10-07 10:09:39


Were you able to test barouh's solution?

Creating the hyperlink using the HYPERLINK() function will "display" the named document (in my case a pdf file) but it does not open it; whereas using the "Hyperlink" from the ribbon Insert tab/Links group and "inserting" a hyperlink, automatically will open the pdf file I'm hyperlinking to. I hope this makes sense...
So, I guess the moral of the story is you have a choice: you can either choose to display only the named document you're linked to and leave it to the end user to open the document for viewing and you can keep the sort function performing properly (OR) you can have your linked document open automatically and choose to never be able to use the sort function without breaking all your hyperlinks...not a very fair trade-off if you ask me! Using Excel 2013, and with Microsoft knowing about this already PRIOR to Excel 2007, you would have thought Microsoft would have fixed this by now.

2014-06-03 23:44:18


This is absurd. I really need these links, I have hundreds of rows, and I can't manually repair each link every time I sort. What, if anything, was Microsoft thinking?

You said something really intriguing, but I couldn't quite understand. Could you please say again what you did to prevent the hyperlinks from being separated from their cells during sorting?

2014-04-16 18:59:04


My version of Excel is 2013. However, I previously was using version 2010 and experienced the same hyperlink issues.
When I create the hyperlink I simply right click on the cell and choose "hyperlink" and continue the process from there.
I do not cut/copy and paste the hyperlinks...I create all of them using the hyperlink wizard .

2014-04-16 10:42:54

Glenn Case


It appears to be fixed in 2010; at least I just tried cutting/pasting a list of hyperlinks, then soprting, and the hyperlinks still referred to the correct file.

2014-04-14 02:28:29


This is not a solution to repair the mess after the sorting, but at least easy way to prevent such problems in future: if hyperlink addresses are stored in separate column just as text values, and active hyperlinks are created by HYPERLINK() function, referring to that column with text values, than - I believe - sorting will not break anything

2014-04-12 10:37:07


Was this problem fixed in Excel 2010? The Knowledge Base article says it applies to all version of Excel through 2007, but the last review date for the article was January 16, 2007!

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