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In Excel, text boxes can contain many different types of elements and are handy when you need to insert information in a specific place. You can format text boxes in dozens of ways to make them appear just how you need. The following articles cover how to efficiently work with text boxes in Excel.

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   Adding a Drop Shadow to a Text Box
One way to make your text boxes "stand off" the page is to add a drop shadow to them. This tip shows just how easy it is to add this formatting touch.

   Changing Text in Text Boxes on a Chart
Macros allow you to make changes to virtually anything you can see in Excel. This tip examines how to make changes (even without a macro) to the text displayed in a text box inserted in a chart.

   Dynamic Text Boxes
You probably know that text boxes can contain text. (Else why call them text boxes?) Did you know that you could make that text dynamic, reflecting the contents of a cell in a worksheet? Here's how to do it.

   Finding and Replacing in Text Boxes
Finding and replacing information in a worksheet is easy. Finding and replacing in other objects (such as text boxes or chart labels) is a different story entirely. This tip examines ways you can find and replace information in these other items.

   Finding Text in Text Boxes
Want to search for text that may appear in a text box rather than in a regular worksheet cell? You can only perform the operation using a macro, and a couple of such approaches are provided in this tip.

   Placing Textbox Text Into a Worksheet
Want to get rid of your text boxes and move their text into the worksheet? It's going to take a macro-based approach, discussed here.

   Resizing a Text Box in a Macro
Text boxes are easy to add to a worksheet and manually resize, as needed. If you want to resize the text box in a macro, however, the way to do it effectively may seem elusive. This tip explains how you can resize a text box to cover a desired range of cells.

   Sizing Text Boxes and Cells the Same
Adding a text box to a worksheet is easy. Making sure that text box is the exact size of a cell in the worksheet may not be as easy. Here are the easiest ways to make sure the text box matches the cell (or cells) you place it over.

   Using Text Boxes
Text boxes are handy for placing information in a container that can "float" over your worksheet. This tip explains what text boxes are and how you can create them.

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