You may have a preference for how zoomed in or out Excel is upon opening your workbook. Although Excel does not offer many zoom adjustment options, there are a few things you can do. Learn about zoom and display in Excel with the following articles.

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   Always Open at 100% Zoom
Tired of shared workbooks opening at some strange zoom factor that makes viewing your data difficult? Here's how to make sure that your workbooks always open at a standard zoom factor you decide upon.

   Displaying a Set Column Range
Do you want to display a particular range of columns within the Excel window? Here's a couple ways you can accomplish the task.

   Nifty Zooming
If you are using a mouse that has a center wheel, you can use the wheel to zoom in and out of your work. This tip shows how easy it is to make the necessary configuration change in Excel.

   Zooming In On Your Worksheet
If you have trouble seeing the information presented in a worksheet, you can use Excel's zooming capabilities to ease the trouble. Here's a quick discussion of all the ways you can adjust the size at which information is displayed on-screen.

   Zooming With the Keyboard
Excel doesn't provide a keyboard shortcut that allows you to zoom in or out on your workbook. It is easy, however, to create a couple of short macros that can do the zooming and be tied to keyboard shortcuts.

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