In Excel, AutoFill is one way to quickly insert data into cells. Excel allows you to use AutoFill with various sequences to fill a range. The following articles explain the different ways to use AutoFill in Excel and how you can change its default settings, if desired.

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   AutoFill with Random Numbers
When entering data into a worksheet, you may have a need to fill a range of cells with a group of random numbers. This task is easy to do using the approaches outlined in this tip.

   AutoFill Won't Work as Expected
AutoFill is a great tool for filling cells with data. What do you do when it doesn't work like you expect, however? Here's some ideas to examine.

   AutoFilling from a Custom List
AutoFill can be a real timesaver if you often work with set lists of data. You can define your own custom lists and then use them over and over again, as described here.

   AutoFilling with the Alphabet
If you need to fill a number of cells with a specific sequence of characters (such as the alphabet), there are several ways you can do it. This tip examines several such ways, in the context of creating word search puzzles.

   AutoFilling with Weekdays
Need to fill a range of cells with the days of the week? Excel makes it easy to do so using AutoFill.

   Fast AutoFill
Want to fill a long column with predictive data? It's easy to do by using AutoFill and a double-click of the mouse.

   Importing Custom Lists
Custom lists are handy ways to enter recurring data in a worksheet. Here's how you can import your own custom lists from a range of cells.

   Quick AutoFill Variations
The AutoFill feature can be used for more than just incrementing information into cells. This tip explains how to access the variations of AutoFill.

   Turning Off AutoFill
AutoFill is a great editing tool that comes in particularly handy when you are first creating a worksheet. You may, at some point, want to turn off the feature. This tip shows how you can do this.

   Turning Off AutoFill for a Workbook
Don't want people using your workbook to be able to use AutoFill? You can add two quick macros that disable and enable the feature when your workbook is activated and deactivated.

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