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Excel's Paste Special tool is great for pasting values and formulas. You can also use it to adjust or update already existing values in your worksheet. The following articles discuss how to fully take advantage of the Paste Special tool in Excel.

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   Adjusting Formulas when Pasting
The Paste Special feature in Excel can be used to uniformly adjust values and formulas. This tip shows how powerful this feature can be.

   Creating a Shortcut for Pasting Values
Excel's Paste Special command is used quite a bit. If you want to create some shortcuts for the command, here's some ways you can approach the task.

   Dividing Values
When working with large numbers, you may need a way to quickly divide a range of those numbers by a specific value. Here's the absolute fastest way to make the change.

   Quickly Transposing Cells
If you want to turn a range of cells by 90 degrees within a worksheet, you need to understand how Excel can handle the transposition for you. This tip discusses your options.

   Quickly Updating Values
If you need to update a bunch of values in a worksheet by a standard amount, you can use the Paste Special feature of Excel to make the change easy. This tip illustrates how easy it really is.

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