If you need to filter data in your worksheet, Excel's AutoFilter tool is the easiest way to go about it. Learn how to use the AutoFilter tool to organize large amounts of data and display only what you need with the following ExcelTips.

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   Dealing with Text Length Limits and AutoFilter Drop-Down Lists
Excel has some built-in limits on what you can do with the program. When you run into those limits, it can be frustrating to say the least! Here are a couple of ideas on how to work around one limit having to do with the AutoFilter feature.

   Deleting Every X Rows without a Macro
Grab some info from a source other than Excel, and you may find the need to delete a certain pattern of rows from a worksheet. The steps presented in this tip allows you to delete every other row, every third row, etc.

   Getting a Count of Unique Names
When you have a column full of names, you may want to get a count of how many of those names are unique. You can make quick work of this task using the techniques described in this tip.

   Not All Rows are Filtered
When you are working with large amounts of data in a worksheet, filtering that data can make the process much simpler. What, however, if your filtering attempts don't include all the rows that you want included? Here's what may be causing the problem.

   Printing Rows Conditionally
Need to only print out certain rows from your data? It's easy to do if you apply the filtering or sorting techniques presented in this tip.

   Setting Up Custom AutoFiltering
The filtering capabilities of Excel are very helpful when you are working with large sets of data. You can create a custom AutoFilter that will display only the information you want to see.

   Toggling AutoFilter
Want a tool that will help you toggle AutoFilter on and off? Excel provides some tools you can use, but you need to be careful that you choose the right ones.

   Using AutoFiltering
Excel's AutoFilter tool is a great way to make a long list of items much more manageable. This tip explains how to set up an AutoFilter and display just the information you need.

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