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Typing Check Marks into Excel

by Allen Wyatt
(last updated March 20, 2021)


It is not unusual to use an Excel worksheet to create different types of checklists and forms that are used by other people. When you are developing your checklist, you may want to actually put a check mark into a cell. There are several ways you can go about doing this. Both methods involve changing the font applied to a cell and then typing the character you want in the cell.

For instance, try these steps:

  1. Select the cell that you want to contain the check mark.
  2. Using the Font drop-down list, select Wingdings. The cell is now formatted to use the Wingdings font.
  3. Start the Character Map accessory included with Windows. (Use the search capabilities of Windows to locate and run the Character Map accessory.) (See Figure 1.)
  4. Figure 1. The Character Map accessory.

  5. In the Character Map, select the Wingdings font.
  6. Scroll though the available characters until you find the check mark you like.
  7. Copy the character to the Clipboard. (The controls in the Character Map accessory allow you to do this, although the controls differ from one version of Windows to another.)
  8. Close the Character Map accessory.
  9. In Excel, press Ctrl+V to paste the character into the cell.

This is quite a few steps to put in a simple check mark. There is a simpler way, however, if you simply remember that you need to pick a font that contains check marks, and then put in the character to produce that check mark.

When it comes to fonts containing check marks, there are quite a few. The appearance of the check mark will depend on the font you use. The following information shows what you would type (on the keyboard) in various fonts to achieve a check mark:

Character to Type Font to Use
a Marlett
a Webdings
b Marlett
C Erilogo
P Wingdings 2
Alt+129 Wingdings
Alt+0214 Symbol
Alt+0252 Wingdings

For those instances where an Alt combination is mentioned, you simply need to hold down the Alt key as you type the three or four numbers on the keypad.

There are undoubtedly numberless other character/font combinations that will result in a check mark in a cell. If you want to do your own exploring, you can use the Character Map accessory to look around through different fonts to find out what is available. (You can also find different fonts containing check marks at some Web sites, such as

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What is 7 - 7?

2021-03-22 05:48:17

Henry Arthur

I always format the cells as 'webdings' and then type 'a' (for accept) or 'r' (for reject). This gives a tick or a cross and is so easy.

2021-03-21 13:19:04

Aldo Santolla

I tend to use the square root text symbol found in many font libraries to add a check mark. In the Character Map select Advance View and then select Unique Subrange in Group by. Go to Mathematical Operations in list dialog that opened. √

The most common way I use this character is with a macro and/or command button.

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = ActiveCell.Value & " " & ChrW(8730)

2021-03-20 10:49:21

Tomek Dluzniewski

I agree with Kiwerry on the use of Insert Symbol. Unluckily, in Excel as opposed to Word, you cannot assign a shortcut key to a symbol.

It is one thing to put a check mark in a single cell, but using this way to put check marks beside all completed items can get tedious, unless the underlying character can be easily typed in.
To make it easier you can set a validation rule for the whole column of text based on a list allowing just one item - the selected check mark. Check the options for in cell dropdown list and Ignore Blanks. You still need to format the column using the selected font.
When you click on the down arrow when the cell is selected, you can only select the check-mark character. In the dropdown list it will show as the underlying character, so if it is a P or an a, this can easily be typed in, but if you selected a more obscure character like ü, the data validation may be helpful.

2021-03-20 06:34:25


Possibly I'm missing something, but why not just use the Symbols available in Excel (Insert Tab, "Symbols", "Symbol"). It opens a table that offers very similar functionality to the character map mentioned above. I have found it so useful that it is in my QAT toolbar now.

I have also found that it not necessary to set the font of a cell; you can insert a Wingdings symbol into a text containing any other font within a cell, just as you can select a character in a cell and change their font and other attributes independently of the other characters in the cell, for example: {fig}

2021-03-20 05:38:00

Pat Ryan

I find this easier:Google "check mark"Select a suitable text-based result (not images) such as the wikipedia entrySelect the check-mark from the text and copy itPaste it in your Excel file

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